The Operating System for your Home

Your home demands a modern network

Buffering & Slow Internet

You need high definition video, lag-free gaming and fast browsing. But your connection has unreliable performance and you don't know why

No Access & Content Control

Your children are spending too much time online, exposed to content beyond their years. But you have no hassle-free way to prevent this

Security & Privacy Concerns

So many devices need a connection, like security cameras, smart TVs and set top boxes. But you cannot check if they have been infiltrated by hackers


Introducing DumaOS

The fastest growing platform for network management

DumaOS transforms your router from a simple box into the powerful core of your home, empowering you take control of your network for the first time.

Award-winning Features

Improve your connection, monitor your network, prevent unwanted access and take control

Simple to use

Router Apps (‘R-Apps’) fulfil all your network demands without requiring you to be tech-savvy

Network Monitor
Ping Graph
DumaOS Dashboard
Future Proofed

Each R-App is an independent program. Adding new R-Apps is as easy as on a smartphone or PC

Powerful technology that just works


"I feel like I’ve graduated to the networking big leagues" Forbes

"DumaOS is packed with features [that] put it in a league of its own" KitGuru

"The best congestion management we have seen" PCGamer

"Software in a class of its own...It's easy to use, fun to play around with and delivers a wealth of useful information" IGN

"DumaOS...delivers the best performance for a range of attached devices, in ways that most other routers only aspire" TechAdvisor

"The level of customization and real-time analytics NetDuma provides is can spend as much time as you want getting your router exactly the way you need it" Cnet

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DumaOS has been developed by an elite team of networking researchers, frustrated by the poor state of existing technology.

They were determined to change the game.

DumaOS is available on the following platforms.

R1 XR500 XR700

Our Story



Named after the Swahili word for ’cheetah’, Netduma's founding principle is to deliver the best performance for your Internet connection.

Initial Launch

Netduma launches its first product, the Netduma R1 Router, containing multiple patent-pending features never seen before in home networks.


Netduma's cutting-edge software is met with universal acclaim, winning multiple awards and accumulating a user base spanning over 100 countries


Development commences on DumaOS, a new home network operating system that will give users control over their network for the first time


DumaOS is launched in partnership with NETGEAR to revolutionise home networks. DumaOS receives instant praise across the tech media, as well as becoming the highest rated router product of all time on